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Our Philosophy

Online gambling must be done responsibly. Its a popular form an entertainment but can be an expensive one too.  We encourage all online gamblers to approach gambling online in India as such. Remember that you're gambling to have fun.

Its not a very realistic way to make money over time. You might get some big wins occasionally in the short run. They're what make gambling fun - its the excitement that you get with a big win or a blackjack.

In the long run you'll loose money playing online casino games for the same reasons you'll lose money in land based casinos over time. The casinos have a mathematical advantage that guarantee's they always win over time.

So if you're online gambling in India don't forget about the house advantage and always bet responsibly. Set yourself your win goals, your loss limits, deposit limits, etc.

Meet the Online Gambling India Team

The team is just a couple of guys with a common interest in our gambling hobbies.

Our promise is to always provide honest reviews of the India online casinos reviews on our website.

We're both gamblers too and we seek out the best online gambling sites that can be trusted in India.


Benjamin Ogden Founder

I've been working in the iGaming industry since 2001. In my 19 years and counting as an online casino affiliate I've seen the industry evolve over time through the ups and downs. I am also the creator of GambleRock - a social networking site for the iGaming industry where you'll find expert reviews of web-based casinos and online sportsbook websites.


Michael Jones

Online Gambling India Editor

I enjoy golfing, fishing and deep sea diving along with sports betting and the occasional game of craps. I've been reviewing online casinos for nearly 10 years and will share my honest opinions about the casinos and India online gambling sites that I write reviews for.

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